Monday, April 30, 2007

Bloomin' Onion???

Nope! Bloomin' FEET!

My Bloomin' Feet package arrived from none other than Amanda*! Mrs. Clothesknit herself! ( i bow to the sainthood that is Mrs.Clothesknit--- adorable kids, super hubby, and she organizes the best.swaps.ever.). SO... the question of the week with the Bloomin' Feet group is "whaddya get?" I got S.P.O.I.L.E.D. rotten. :) And I am not complainin'! My socks (STR, Ruby Slippers colorway... pattern.... um, Amanda's?) fit PERFECT! Amanda--- I LOVE THEM. And yes, I was singing "I'm off to see the Wizard..." the entire photo shoot! (FYI: my all-time fave movie is the Wizard of Oz... )

And, besides being the uber-mom-knitter-wife-organizer-extraordinaire, Mrs.Clothesknit is *shh...her being from the bayou state... I think this is the kinda thing they whisper down there...*:
Yup, I said it. She's got the gift, the "sight"... she must! How else would she have known that I was in my LYS on Thursday and Saturday trying to explain to them what one of those "bags you can clip to you? So your yarn doesn't get loose? Y'know... so I can take it to DC on the train and the yarn won't escape...." Yup. psychic.

Also in my lovely package (all wrapped in cool purple paper--- umm, ya... Pumpkin's claimed the paper.): one skein of Vesper Sock yarn in the "crew" colorway ( I remember seeing this somewhere, but have been droolin' over it since!), a Charlene Schurch Sensational Socks book (umm, so what if I have already started putting post-its with yarn from stash notes on the pages... many.many.many of these patterns will be knit this summer.) and chocolate. Oh... that Orange and Spice one is opened? Some might have been "tested" for quality before blogging about the positively orgasmic taste of this chocolate.

Amanda: thank you thank you thank you!

My pal was Phoebe at KnitHappened. :) She got her socks and they fit! I was so worried! Here they are all wrapped and ready to go. I was a little harried trying to get them out on time.

Yarn: helloyarn, Rugby colorway
Needles: US0
Pattern: Jaywalkers :)

Happy Feet!
: )Mini

* my pal had some problems getting my bloomin' feet stuff together, so Amanda jumped in and sent me out a package. I am letting you all know right now, that this stuff happens--- situations change, people forget, etc. Please be nice in the comments b/c we've all had plans change quickly in our own lives.

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