Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bloomin' Socks are 50% done (i.e. 1 sock down, 1 to go). My sock pal popped by the blog recently. I'm considering not posting the sock in order to torment her a bit. :)

So... I picked up a copy of Vogue Knitting this weekend (after my facial, courtesy of PC, at Elizabeth Grady and before my new necklace, also courtesy of PC... spoiled.rotten.princess--- that's me!). I like some of the designs! I'm not much of a Vogue girl (prefer IK) but this one's not bad. Two things I am making (already have the yarn... oh, is that bad??)

I have some alpaca/silk/merino blend in an apricot that will look adorable in this cardi!

and this: is a bright pink Cascade 220 for the fall/winter... and perhaps a button band?? I know the idea is to wear it open, but I think a button band or zipper might be nice... any opinions?

I have some baby knitting to finish up and some other projects in the works. Oh, PC and I picked our hotel... I will announce the winner tomorrow... and ship out the yarn-y prize.

Has anyone ordered from Land's End before? Is their sizing "true"? I measured myself (don't all knitters do this?) and placed a *large* order last night (I have gained weight... I don't want to talk about it... I'm buying some stuff to get me through the next season while I power-walk and Pilate my ass into my old clothes.) I was also at Target last night and I was trying on pants that I know *should* fit--- no fit! :( then, a girl in the same dept grabbed me when I was putting the 9th pair of pants back and said "these sizes aren't "true"--- Target runs really small on the plus side." How to make a fat girl feel worse: make the big girl sizes smaller than normal. Ouch! Of course, if they put the Easter candy outside of the fitting room sales would skyrocket! (at least for me... I was soo good last night... No pity-eating for me last night!).

For all my WW's out there: 32 ounces down, 96 ounces to go. I find that 128 ounces of water is the perfect value for me. The whole 64 ounce thing doesn't work. The nutritionist says more water can't hurt and my help me out a bit.

A crazed jumble post, but sometimes that it just how I roll.... (PC that bad use of urban slang was for you!)

:) Mini

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