Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Photos (finally!)

Sock #1of Bloomin' Feet is done! My pal said she liked "variegated colors" and requested "blues, pinks and purples". Well, Sock #2 is on the needles and I am taking it to work with me today (long day in the lab...lots of waiting and my usual lunch buddy is out... so, mucho sock knitting!). This is the Jaywalker pattern, designed by Grumperina, published by Magknits and made famous by Cara.

Here's the color yarn I was talking about yesterday. It's the one on the right. I think it'll look great in that Vogue cardi pattern. And yes, I am making both cardigans! I will make the cable-y one in a great hot pink Cascade 220. :) And, I'm going to put a zipper on it.The pink 3-button cardi will be knit in the largest size (47inch.) and I have more than a 47 inch. I am knitting 3 sweaters this summer as "goal" sweaters. They are all in "attainable" sizes that I can wear if I just get my bum in gear and get serious about losing some weight (my boobs shrink when I lose weight...right now, they are a 54 inch). And with my gauge being off (like it always is!) the pink cardi will be about a 50 inch. So, no... can't wear it in May, but that's alright.

55% alpaca, 23% silk, 22% merino.

And b/c she was looking so cute last night and I just wanted to scoop her up: Pumpkin. She's been very happy if I make her a "nest" and she snuggles into PC's quilt. I made him this quilt and he loves it. Apparently, Pumpkin loves it more. :)

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