Friday, April 20, 2007


Ok, I TOTALLY screwed up and never posted the winner of the "find us a hotel" contest.

The Winner Is:
(insert dramatic drumroll here)

MEGAN.... who suggested that we stay at the Woodley Park Guest House.

(Pssst! megan! Over here... send me your email and snail mail for your prize!)

Thank you very much for the suggestion! We are on vacation in June and this was the perfect place for us: not too pricey, very homey and (muy importante!): NEXT TO THE ZOO. The #1 reason PC and I are planning a trip to DC is to see the Zoo. Is that weird? We are total "zoo people" in fact, we'll be at the zoo this weekend. To celebrate Earth Day!!! (Also, in honor of Earth Day, we are forgoing our normal "paper or plastic" route and using reusable grocery bags. Hey, it's a start.) Our first date was the zoo... I have to ask PC's permission to talk about that... some other time, m'kay?

Knitting.. yup, I've been doing it. I have so many posts bouncing around in my head! I am *thisclose* to finishing the Bloomin' Feet socks... I will do that tonight... Socks in the mail Monday. :)

Baby knitting continues... I am using a few patterns:
1. Baby Yoda pattern from Dogsstealyarn (send her some love, she had to part with one of her pups b/c of the baby... and she's moving from NYC to PDX... send lots of love for moving cross country with a one-year old.)
2. Button-up Raglan from Ericka Knight's Knitting for Two. This photo at Cheryl's is a good one. PC's friends are expecting a baby and the daddy has a certain penchant for a particular toy, so I am doing my first duplicate stitch this weekend...I'll make sure to take photos.
3. basic 5-hour baby sweater....

I am using up some Cotton Ease stash (Love that for babies!)... it's knitting up quite well on US 6 and giving me 4-5 spi depending on the color... ??? What? It totally matters what color I am knitting as to what gauge I get. Huh.

giraffe 3
Will it be warm enough for the giraffes to come out this weekend?

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