Wednesday, April 11, 2007


A week?? Gracious... I feel downright incompetent (PC- is this the right spelling?). I would say I am sorry, but overall, I'm just tired. No photos today... Bloomin' Feet sock #2 is almost to the heel... I am thinking my guild meeting will help with that tonight. I started the pink cardi. But, it's orange and I keep calling it the "pink cardi." Oh well. I have about 8 inches of the back done. Lovin' the endless stockinette... great for movies.

So, why the tired? Well, PC and I took Good Friday off. To "sleep late" and "rest up" for the weekend. I think we slept until 8am.

Why would Mini y PC need to rest up? Are they going to deviate from their "clean-the-house-out-to-dinner-watch-a-movie" weekend routine? Damn straight! Friday, we headed to the luxurious accomodations of the Hampton Beach Casino to see Jet play. Yup: Jet! Millions of teenage girls are totally, like, mad at me right now. :) This band makes me jump around in my car and sing really loudly. Jet makes me happy, so PC scored some tix. Also, can I say: Hampton Beach Casino- pretty good set up. We sat and watched the show (I was tired) and there was a whole open space for dancing-jumping-boogeying and a zillion tables and chairs. And waitresses. With beer. :)

Saturday-- we stayed home and recovered right? Oh, no. We slept "in" (8:30am?) and cleaned the house. I think I bleached anything that stood still. I love that feeling. That clean house feeling. I made a delicious dinner of veal parmesan and gnocci. Love gnocci. I had my mom's sauce *the best ever* to go with it. And, then off to the Orpheum. If you read the paper on Monday, you know who was there. Yup, the Godfather of Punk, the Rock Iguana... Iggy Pop (and the Stooges). PC wanted to see Iggy before, well... y'know... before he got too old to writhe on stage. Iggy turned 60 this year and honestly, didn't miss a beat on stage. I hadn't seen Iggy ever... and until I got to the show, I didn't think I had ever really heard them either. Oh, but then the first few songs: and yup! A friend from college used to play these songs over. and over.and over. So, we danced around and had some fun.... PC still can't hear out of his left ear (any suggestions besides candling?? he refuses to do that).

Did I mention the front row tickets?

Oh... and now I am trolling for small shows to go see....I feel my music groove coming back. It's these times when I look at my friends with kids and dogs and husbands (whom I have been insanely jealous of) and say: Damn! they can't do this! So, PC and I (and the ever present "when ya gettin' married??" question) are really enjoying this... I finally get it. I feel like "wow... no kids, disposable income, and very few responsibilities... this is what I was missing." I think PC's been waiting a long time for me to come to this realization. :)

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