Monday, June 23, 2008

How to spend a leisurely Sunday

1. Enforce "no plans" rule with significant other on Friday night.
2. Whine a little about the fact that you haven't had a "real" weekend in months (mostly due to your own planning and friend/family committments on your side; ignore this --- whine anyway)
3. Wander off on Saturday to "poke at yard sales" and get a manicure.
4. Walk into a trap of yard sale (for charity. for American Cancer Society: ahem. Anyone remember Dad? And Dad's cancer? In remission? hello heartstrings... feel the tug).
5. Buy a gorgeous rocker (needs some love. Okay a LOT of love) and side table
6. Bring it home to put in bedroom.
side note: in September, when I am "moved" to the bedroom on Sundays so that the living room can become "mantown" for football, I need a place to knit. We can all agree that sitting on your bed is not a comfy knitting place. And it gets your pillows hot. I hate hot pillows.
7. Persuade significant other to help you move some furniture around on Sunday.
8. Get up Sunday a.m.: go to gym. Run at the gym.
9. Come home: complain and make coffee.
10. Ask SO for advice on moving room around.
11. decide it's way too much effort and may not work.
12. move one piece of furniture and smoosh some more together.
13. Clean.entire.bedroom and closet and under bed and vacuum ( thank you PC) and dust and

your bedroom is clean, orderly and you have 3 bags of clothes for donation. And I haven't even gone through my drawers.

Give some love to Mariuca (blog in sidebar and regular commenter here)-- my best girlfriend who is currently IN LABOR with her first baby, hereby named mini-C, 5 1/2 weeks early. Yup. Breath is held. Nothing I do in my lab today, including if I cured cancer, would be equivalent to what she is doing RIGHT NOW.

Please, God, keep Mari and the baby safe. Let Al be strong in all ways possible.

(add your well wishes and I will send them along to Mari this week.)

IT'S A GIRL!!!! Healthy 6lbs both Mom and Baby are doing GREAT!!

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