Friday, June 20, 2008

I hate it when he does this....

I hate it when PC's right. And he is. And I am admitting it. And I hate it.

We have an agreement. He likes the gym. He likes the lifting of weights and running on the treadmill (okay, he doesn't like that part, but he does it). Me? I'd rather play tennis. But, in order to play tennis, I need to be stronger. In order to be stronger (oh and stamina too!), I need to work out. To work out, I need to go to the gym. I don't love the gym. I go. I work out. I count each and every stupid minute.

For a few months, I was up at 4:30a.m. and off to the gym (arriving by 5:05am) for 30-60 minutes about 5-6 times a week. I was seeing results, I was increasing my activity. Then we went to the wedding in NYC. I was so exhausted (emotionally, financially, physically) from that trip, that I haven't been to the gym. That was 3 weeks ago.

This week, PC woke me up at 4;30 and said "" He was not fooling around. He was serious. He wants me to be happier and have more energy. He wants me to lose weight (me too!). And he wants me healthier.

* side note: am working out, eating better, but not watching my WW points... am trying to eat only 3 meals a day and work in 3 dairies and 0 pt veggies. i am also losing bread, rice, potatoes and non-fruit sugar on Monday. hello headaches, but I need to bust through my sugar addiction.

Well, damn it if yesterday and today, I went to the gym and I feel great. I know that my "funks" are a sign of mild depression (associated with PCOS along with difficulty losing weight, ease of gaining weight, facial hair, hair loss and hormones on heroine). But, really--- it only took 2 days of returning to the gym and I feel great.

And last night, I got my hair cut and colored. It's darker and redder (love it) and it's very short and sassy (love it). PC always loved my longer hair until he realized that I wore it up 99% of the time. I look better with shorter hair and feel better with shorter hair. But, with all new haircuts, I tried to do it myself this morning and used too much of the "goo" for my hair and well... I need to work on this a bit I think. (PC is responsible for the hair too... when I complained that I needed a new style, he said "ask the stylist" and I did... I have never seen a woman so excited to help me with something new. She said people usually sit in the chair and say "I want a change, but no bangs, keep the length and the color")

* for those in the Boston area: I went to Newton Hair Company on Watertown Street, in the Nonantum Section of Newton. Reasonable: wash, cut, color, blow out, style and eyebrows: $100.

Practice makes perfect, right?

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