Friday, June 06, 2008

Another meme

Yeah, I am calling this one in....

(stolen from Sandy)

10 things that have changed since you were in High School:

1. We had a smoking section. Yup. There was a section of the outside that had cigarette cans and if you were caught smoking in a non-smoking section, you had to spend your lunch picking up the butts on campus. All of them.

2. 90210 was on the tv. And it was a big deal. Now Tori Spelling has babies and a reality show.

3. The student parking lot looked like a student parking lot. I rode by a local high school the other day and the student parking had 3 Mercedes and 4 Land Rovers. I remember my first car arrived on a flat bed truck without an engine. My dad made me pay for every part he used to fix it. I loved that car. I loved every car I had... and I appreciate a car now.

4. Sweet 16 parties were in your parents' house. If you were lucky (or in my town, you were sharing a party with a cousin-- we all had cousins our own age, or even in the same grade!), you had it at the VFW. Nobody's parents rented the Taj Mahal. No one had a famous singer (if the football team showed up, you would appropriately swoon). And most of us had to share our "new" ( i.e. Mom's) car with our parents and one or more siblings.

5. School dances were held.... at school. In the cafeteria, with streamers and off-market Kool Aid. A local dj played popular music and we danced all night long. Or until 10:30 pm, when the moms would be outside picking everyone up.

6. Cell Phones, TIVO and DVDs were not invented.

7. Call Waiting and Call forwarding was new.

8. Kids were busy: cheerleading, clubs, working PT.... and doing my honors classwork. My mom never made excuses for us... it was my fault if I was a) late for work, b) didn't do an assignment or c) let my grades slip. I was told I was to be responsible and my parents sided with my teachers. Every.time. (Note: this made the transition to college very easy... I already knew how to be responsible)

9. Having a beer in the woods on a Friday night was a big deal. Not too many kids were having orgies or doing serious drugs (some were, but it was not the majority). Kids were having sex, but no one was bragging about it.

10. We said the pledge of allegiance, we had moments of silence for special events, we faced the flag at sporting events.

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