Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Operation Kill Mickey

Yup, had every intention of taking some photos of knitting this morning (not exciting knitting... nope, just an angora scarf and some golf club covers--- Fathers' Day, y'know), but we have had a "houseguest" for 2 days.

Our houseguest is unwanted and probably terrified by now. A large orange cat has stalked it and played with it, but has not quite completed "enhanced interrogation" as of 7am.

I hate mice.
I killed hundreds of mice at my first job.
I snapped their little necks humanely and for the sake of science.
Those were germ-free, clean, scientifically bred white mice with pink noses.
Our houseguest did not grow up in a sterile environment.

So, "el gato pequeno" (wee kitty; our nickname for Pumpkin, the wonder cat) is a good hunter. And she LOVES to hunt. Loves it. She was panting and stopping for water breaks. She meowed at us to help her look.for.the.mouse! At one point last night, PC was trying to coax her to bring the still-alive prisoner back to him (so he could get rid of it) b/c she seemed to be bringing it to me. A gift. A token of love and affection.

On top of all of this : it's hot. I mean real hot. Mean hot. Tap a hydrant hot. We have AC and we use it... but it's not even July yet and I hate the heat.

Photos tonight come hell or high water. Knitting photos. I'm not taking a photo of the mouse. I might take a photo of the hunter though. ;)

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