Tuesday, September 09, 2008

in need of an update!

Remember the Abby-Cadabby sweater? Well, here she is (unblocked)--- ready for her party! The real Abby Cadabby was very pleased with her sweater and her thank-you note photo was her in her sweater !!! (thanks, Stef... she is adorable!) The back "wings" gave me fits... I think I knit and crocheted 8 separate wings. In the end, some off-the-cuff crochet (a combo of single, double and 1/2 double crochet stitches) works well.

PC's contribution to the gift? Well, he was my "does this look cute or creepy" sounding board. You all know how cartoon-y things can go really well or HORRIBLY wrong, right? I think this went right. Oh, and PC was the source of one very blonde, very fairy, princess wand to complete the outfit. Abby-Cadabby herself loved it.

Can't forget about my niece, hereafter referred to as "Noodle" or "Her Noodleness." This Classic Elite Cotton Bamboo was picked up last night at Island Yarn in Waltham. Oh, you didn't know Vicki was open LATE on Mondays? LATE as in 8:30pm!!! She hosts a knit-night there for whoever wants to sit and knit from 6-ish to 8:30pm every Monday (check on holidays). Now, my Noodle is a girl with class and distinction. And, well... as an Eastern European beauty (like her mom), pale pink is a "notsomuch" color on her. Her one and only Auntie-knit sweater is a rich buttery coral color. Looks fab on her! So, a dark raspberry-merlot color will really make her skin shine!

I am casting on for this at lunch: HoneyPie (see Ravelry for info). A few things about this pattern- there is no yardage provided. At all. I have 3 balls of Bamboo (130yds per ball) and one "held" at Island Yarn. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Vicki? No "buy 4 now... return it later"--- no, no, no... "take 3, I'll hold one behind the counter if you need it." Oh my god... totally crushing on my yarn shop!)

Tomorrow: charity starts at home. Or, what I did for the The Orphan Foundation (a red "Plus" some colors scarf--- wear sunglasses to view tomorrow's photos. you've been warned.) and for a friend at the Metro West Knitting Guild. I hate knitting chemo caps, but when it's the only help you can offer, you put every ounce of love and prayer into each and every stitch. With my dad on the road to cancer-remission, knitting chemo caps still makes me cry... reminds me of how much I almost lost.

More tomorrow.

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