Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oprah moment

Navy. The color I chose for PC’s sweater is Cascade 220 in Navy. He looks very handsome in all tones of blue and I think a navy sweater on a man is 1) very versatile and 2) casual when necessary. This sweater is for the cold months coming up – dinners out that require more than a sweatshirt, less than a ties; days when the air feels so good and crisp but it’s still got quite a nip to it; and an effort to keep our heating bill in the lower digits.

Thanks for the support on my WW “journey”… jeez, doesn’t that sound hokey? “journey.” Like I am getting in a boat and finding a new world. No. I am not. I am not re-discovering myself. I am trying to lose weight so that I look like what I feel like. That’s not so bad, is it? I really don’t need to have an Oprah moment about this. Have you ever noticed that? Women in my demographic or slightly older (30+) have this need to have what I call “oprah moments.” These moments of intense meaning and self worth and clarity in their lives. I am all for some navel-gazing: it’s good for the soul, but too much navel gazing means you miss what’s going on around you. And, I think it sets us up for disappointment. A cousin once told me that she thought motherhood was this instantaneous bond with her child that would fill her soul and finally give her life direction. She prepared for this inner light to shine through her and into her child’s life. She finally admitted that while she felt responsible for her child and was happy to be a mom… there was little immediate satisfaction in a screaming infant. Those moments of peace where when the little one finally fell asleep and she could do so also. The inner light in her faded very fast due to limited sleep and a very demanding child. She felt isolated even with her family surrounding her. In this conversation, I got the feeling that she felt like she had done something wrong. That, in some way, not having this “clouds parting, finally seeing the mystery of life” moment was somehow her fault. No Oprah moment = failure.

I will not set myself up to fail. I am going to Disney World (the happiest place on earth…) in a few weeks for a vacation with PC’s family. There will be food and being on vacation with someone else’s family can always be stressful, but I will be walking everyday and enjoying healthy choices. Disney’s mysterious happiness doesn’t include a zero calorie factor in their food. Right? Christmas is coming soon and I love cookies. I don’t need to have 3 of every kind. One is good. Being choosy and saying “what’s your favorite?” and trying only one is better. Enjoying the people and not the food is the best.

PC and I were invited to France for the New Year and while we still don’t know if we are going, it’s an opportunity. Being overweight is not a reason to not participate or not take advantage of an opportunity.

No Oprah moments.

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