Friday, September 19, 2008


I spent my first hours of the morning at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Yes, it's that time again: new drivers' license. The photo is horrible and is HUGE motivation to lose some weight. ha ha ha.

An odd occurrance at the Registry this morning, though. I'd like to share it b/c it perplexed me so much.

A gentleman (*cough* I am being very generous here) was in the back of the "wait in line before they open" line and was NOT happy. He huffed and puffed and tried to move to the front of the line. (Now, in the U.S. line jumping is not a way to make friends. ) He got nowhere fast. And he lost his original place in line. Next, he went through the line to the 'greeter' (once again, being very generous--- walmart has happier employees than this Registry) and got his number to wait (again) for his turn. He was not happy. He paced. He waited for each window to open up and then would rush the window (even though it was not his turn, indicated by the number they give you) and try to push (physically) the person who's turn it WAS. Anywho... this happens once. Twice. Three times....oh and it's the charm. He jumps in front of ME to get to the window. *sigh* Not really in the mood for crazies today and feeling somewhat "you aren't better than me buddy-- get back in line!", I don't move. I go about my business... trying to keep the man from knocking me down and then... the skies opened and the angels sung.

In Massachusetts, the Registries have State Police Troopers instead of security guards.

Imagine, being physically removed and (maybe?) arrested at the Registry of Motor Vehicles for impatience.

I'm impatient by nature. God, I got your message. I will play nicer and practice my patience from now on!

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