Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trader Joes

Here's a few of my favorite point-friendly foods from TJ's.

Trader Joes


Light string cheese

Fat free feta cheese

Low fat “shredded” mix of cheese

Soy milk (chocolate)


Individual tilapia pieces

Breaded halibut pieces

Breaded cod filets

Orange chicken (good with broccoli—just like take out!)

Spicy green beans (serve with plain chicken--- yummmm)

Ginger carrots


Green beans



* a note about the veggies- I find TJ’s frozen veggies far superior to any canned/frozen alternative

Dry goods

Whole wheat pasta (cheaper and healthier!)

Pizza sauce

Soups! (sweet potato bisque and butternut squash are household faves—add curry to the squash soup—delish!)

Chicken broth

Relish (cranberry)

Grapeseed oil

Balsamic vinegar

Better’N’Butter Peanut Butter (tastes less like peanut butter, more like squished peanuts)


Granola bars (all kinds)

Beef jerky

Almonds—the 4 point packs are good portion control!

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