Thursday, September 25, 2008

WIPs and yarn!

I have had exactly 6 hours in the lab this week. The other 34? Meetings. Good lord, the meetings.

I am super super excited. I said i would wait until it arrived, but I am too excited.

Do you know Pumpkin Mama? She has an Etsy shop where I like to drool and pretend I can spin. I can't spin. You all should know that. I can't do it. I am spinning deficient. PumpkinMama spins though. We worked something out and some of her hand-dyed fluff-o-rific wool has been magically changed into yarn (!!) for me. Like 300yds of it. She said it's done, it's been wetted (is this when you soak the yarn and whack the daisy out of it to somehow make the twistie part stay put?) and will be here soon.

I need to speed knit PC's sweater so I can play with my new handspun when it arrives. I might just keep it in my purse and pet it for a few days.

Don't look at me like that. You know you would do it too.

Photos when it arrives.

PC-sweater photo (in progress) soon too... I am almost done with the back. I am hoping 2 days of rain and football result in a front too!

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