Friday, December 26, 2008

FOs and UFOs

Well, maybe not UFOs, but Santa flew right over my house the other night and dropped off presents. One I will share with you tomorrow... a full demonstration complete with a customer service "you rock!" from PC...

But, until then. The Christmas knitted gifts. These are always tricksy aren't they? Will they like them? Will they use them?

J's Hemlock Ring.

It was done in time, but too small, so a gift card was added.... and he immediately put it on top of his head. The blanket, not the gift card. He wants to put it on the dining room table. It will be stained and ruined very soon, I think. I'm not sure what to think about this one.

The wee Noodle is getting this for Christmas:

Designed by me. Concept by Ericka Knight, but I ended up changing about 110 things (including the stitch counts, the edging, the embroidery and the lengths) that I am calling it mine. I am VERY proud of this one.... I hope Noodle loves it and wears it a lot.

Yarn: Louisa Harding Kashmir DK, cashmere, merino and bamboo, I think.
And, doesn't everyone's Christmas morning look like this? The recent snow storms had left my parents' 'extra table' under several feet of snow... and it was filthy. We needed it and loaded it in the car without knowing how dirty it was (it was dark). So, 30 min of washing and rotating the table in the only place we had that we could spray it down:
Yes, about an hour before company arrived, we filled our tub with dirt and grime while washing a folding table.
What? Like you wouldn't have done the same!

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