Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Knitters are great people! So many words of encouragement and advice, both in the comments and in private emails. Wow. Wow. Wow. If I haven't emailed you, please know it's because I have been taking all of your advice and:

1. taking some time for me
2. reviewing my options
3. reviewing my resume
4. budgeting, budgeting, budgeting
5. talking with friends
6. networking my tushie off
7. snugglin' with the PC

In the mean time, this might be the most productive unemployment of my life. Knitting and crafting-wise, that is.

Even Polly Pockets need a home, right? I used a tutorial I saw over at UK Lass In the US ( wonderful crafting blog, btw... found via Little Birdie Crafts). It's super cute. I love it. I need to make a second one, now. The ultra-girlie pink is for our friends' daughter, A (who received the Abby Cadabby sweater)-- she's the ultimate girlie girl and needs a place to keep her wee people and important things. Buttons are good for practice (big girl pants are in the near future) and the handles make the whole shebang ready for Gramma's house.

Now, who can forget my dear nephew R? He's off to Paris with his mom and dad to visit family for Christmas. He arrived at a soiree at my house sans mittens! His mom had SOCKS on his hands. He looked embarrassed. His hat didn't even match! He whispered "save me Tante!" and I did... super cute 3-6 month size mittens (no thumbs) and matching cap. Encore in Blueberry. Love it!

I have a special bond with my brother J. No, his blanket's not done yet. It's on the final set of feather and fan.. then blocking tomorrow. I might need help. Well, he has a 'friend' in his life, C. She's very nice and we are really loving getting to know her, but I don't know where this is going, if anywhere. They are a little nonspecific about their relationship. But, when asked "should we put something under the tree for her?" The answer was yes. And then a ski-hat was requested. A little stash yarn (Cascade something or other) and the Unoriginal Hat pattern... and we're off.
Another FO should have made it's debut here too, but it was cast off and wrapped up 10 minutes before a dinner with the recipient. A simple Calorimetry for a friend who loves to take lunchtime walks down the Charles River banks... even in February. She's crazy and hates hat hair. Oh, and she wants to learn to knit. Hmm... I think that can be arranged.
Overall, the first week of unemployment has worked well. I need to find a card table to accomodate all the guests next week, but other than that... the house is in good shape. And we're buying the tree tonight.
Our tradition for getting the tree? Don't laugh: we get a Dunkin' coffee, drive to the local Catholica High School, shop for a tree Mini-height-with-her-hands-up-in-the-air and just the right shape and pay a kid $3 to put it on the car. It's our version of magic.

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