Sunday, December 07, 2008

Let It Snow!

(background music: Sarah McLaughlin singing "Oh Little Town O' Bethlehem")

Waking up today was so ....perfect. It's been a busy week with holiday preparations and getting the house in order. Yesterday was the first annual Mini Cookie Swap here at Casa de Mini y PC... and it was a smashing success! Cookies were abundant, friends, old and new, shared holiday spirit. A successful melding of three parts of my life... it's always a chance when you introduce two groups of friends, no? Two babes were in attendance, my lovely nephew, R, and niece, Noodle. In all senses of the word, I am their aunt. Not by blood, but by love. And sometimes that is stronger, right? My first biological nephew makes his entrance in late January, but his dad and I don't always see eye to eye and I am wondering if this wee one will make my family closer or pull us further apart. I worry.

(these doors go nowhere. There is plywood back there. Long ago, our house was a single family home and we live on the 2nd floor. )
Some of preparations this week- getting the decorations up!

My Grampy made these reindeer. I love them My Grampy also made the sleighs that are all over my apartment. Each sleigh is holding a Starbucks Christmas Bearista bear... a tradition of mine and PCs.

A little sleigh from Grampy that sits on the wreath. This way my grandfather greets everyone at the door. He would have loved our home. He would have loved how happy PC and I are together. He would have even loved PC's Christmas ham... he always thought the men should cook on the holidays so that it was a true day off for the ladies. Of course, my grandmother was a lousy cook so maybe he was just saving the rest of us from dry roasts and a true lack of seasoning. :) He would have loved how much we have embraced Christmas traditions. He was never a religious man, but he loved Christmas and having us kids nearby. I don't remember many Christmases where he wasn't at our house Christmas Eve and then back again Christmas mornign to watch us open gifts.
My brother, J, will love this blanket... if I can ever finish it! I'm continuing another family tradition here too... more about that tomorrow.

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