Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cranberry Heaven

depending on where you live, this is what you think of when you think "cranberry"
Massachusetts is a HUGE cranberry producer (2nd only to Wisconsin). Growing up here, cranberries (fresh ones) are so common in the grocery store that I was amazed when a friend (who grew up in France) went bananas over them in the produce department 6 years ago.  "imagine," she said," Fresh cranberries!" And until PC's grampa passed away, he had a cousin (Cousin Richard) who lived next to a cranberry bog and "liberated" cranberries and sent them up in a giant box. If you wanted cranberries, you just grabbed a scoop at Grampa's.  Just one more reason to miss him very much (he was pretty damn awesome).
But, here in MA, this is what we think of!Industry! Jobs! Bogs...
(Raise your hand if you have ever taken a school bus to a cranberry bog...)

So what to do with all those riches?
1. Make cranberry sauce. Every Massachusetts elementary schooler knows how to do this (you learn at Plimoth Plantation after you go see the very unimpressive Plymoth Rock): water, sugar, berries: boil, cool and squish.
2. Cranberry muffins. Take you favorite blueberry muffin mix, add cranberries instead.
3. Cranberry-Onion relish. PC's aunt makes a good one... so good, I beg for leftovers at Thanksgiving. And eat about 2 cups of it on my mashed potatoes that day. :)
4. Cranberry pancakes. I had these one weekend in Maine while at the NETA Spa, Sit and Spin event. Delish.
5. Cranberry cocktail. I buy it in the store and I dilute it with sparkling water. Not only does it taste great, cranberries are great for your kidneys and bladder. And will quickly stave off a UTI.
6. Cranberry ginger ale. Add some crushed cranberries to a glass of ginger ale. Yum. Add some gin and you have an adult beverage. Leave out the gin and the kids table looks pretty darn fancy.
7. Cranberry scones. I don't make these, I just get them at the Celtic Corner bakery in West Newton. To.die.for.
8. Fight cancer. Tons of antioxidants are in these wee, bitter and sour berries... so, adding them to your diet can help you prevent cancer.
9. Put it on your face. Cranberry oil is supposed to be good for your skin.
10. best of all... in the can, with ring "impressions" and all... as a yummy low-calorie snack.

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  1. We love our cranberries here in Massachusetts!