Wednesday, November 02, 2011 which I wow you...

...with my ability to blog of November. Yup, it's gonna get "real" around here! And, on the subject of change... be aware that I have purchased a website, am investigating a move to wordpress and have no bloody idea of what I am doing. Like my mom said, 3 hours into getting us lost on a routine trip home from camp... "it'll be fine. Think of it as an adventure. And don't tell your father." 

Today, well, today I am going to tell you that I was damn near late for work because I was listening to Tom Brokaw on the radio. He's pitching his new book and I'm heading to B&N asap to grab it. His new book touches on some rather unpopular ideas and I'm surprised at just how conservative Mr. Brokaw is, but I like it. 

On the knitting & sewing front: ugh. Bags are yet to be completed. The concussion has led to 4 days of non-stop headaches and I've just been unable to deal with the noise that the sewing machine generates. But, tonight... tonight I sew. 

Knitting: continues... Olivia's hat & mittens are done, off to make some for Tori & Brooke, Olivia's little sisters (twins!). I guess the famous cat hat (pattern to be listed on the side bar for download by Thanksgiving) and mouse mittens (also to be a download) have caused a bit of girl-on-girl fighting at my cousin's house, so to each sister goes a cat-hat. I'm hand delivering these because then I get a smooch from Olivia, who gives the best hugs, and I get to see my favorite cousin, Sue. 

Photos tomorrow, if I can catch the light in the morning. 

NaBloPoMo--- yup, one post a day for a month. Be sure to let me know when you get sick of me.

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  1. A 4 day headache! I hope you are fine now. That's scary.
    I look forward to following your adventure:)