Monday, November 07, 2011

In which Pumpkin speaks her mind

Hello, Pumpkin here. I have to blog for the Lady Who Carries Me ( let's call her Momma today because she has.something called jury duty. She says its a pain the ass, so I think it's like going to the vet. Very pokey.

I wanted to show you that I, too, love sheep. Not only for their delicious yarns, but for their ability to keep me warm. Take the yarn. Momma brought more home this weekend even though she's not done playing with the ones she has. You know she's done when it's wet.

My sheep is a very warm sheep. She is a little shy, and doesn't sat much, but momma and the Man Who Feeds Me must heat up her food, because she comes back from the Food Place and is all warm. My food is never warm. 

Sometimes momma needs to snuggle the sheep, but I am sure glad I am NOT that sheep, because she squishes her! sheep never complains, but I'm glad momma doesn't squish me. The hugs are bad enough.

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