Tuesday, January 03, 2012

10 on Tuesday: 2012

Carole made a comment that she doesn't "do resolutions" but that she does goals... I like that. I'm pretty good at resolutions, but not great at keeping them.   Some big things happened in 2011, some good, some bad... and it had me thinking from October (my 34th birthday), that some things need to change. Some of it you'll see on the blog, some I'll allude to (and if I feel it would help me, share with you all) and some, well... some you have to know me "in real life" to be in the loop.

But, here are 10 things I want to do in 2012:
1. knit more socks.
2. knit myself 2 sweaters
3. lose weight. A significant amount of weight... like three digits worth. Eating better and believing that it can actually work would help out.
4. get moving... swimming, pilates, kicking things at my trainer... by December 31, 2012, I want to be physically active 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.
5. save money... yup, here comes a yarn diet. (note: no one can have a baby between now and December--- I don't keep baby friendly yarn in stock)
6. reduce the stash by 60%
7. make 4 quilts-- I already know which 4 I want to make too.
8. Be a better friend... when my life gets out of control, i shut down and internalize... and I need my friends more than ever!
9. Shake it... take a zumba class, or use the wii  or kinect dance games.
10. buy a kayak and start paddling!!!


  1. My youngest picked out (and found an excellent deal on) a kayak for Christmas... her sisters gave her the paddle & emergency kit, we'll give her the life vest for her birthday in April and watch her launch! (She sat in the kayak on Christmas morning while she opened her other presents.)

  2. I'm with you on #4 and if someone has a baby I will send you some yarn!

  3. I like how specific your list is! Which four quilts do you plan to make?

  4. Sounds like a great plan to me, and very do-able! I also pull back when the going gets tough so I can relate to that one. Wishing you success on all your goals in 2012!

  5. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Such great goals. I plan to get moving again in 2012 too. I would love to know which 4 quilts you are planning to make. My mother is an amazing quilter and we go on a quilt retreat once a year. Happy New Year!

  6. I've long wanted to kayak the metrowest Charles River so if you get that kayak, I'll bring mine up & paddle with you.

  7. Bought kayaks last year.....they are wonderful to paddle. Enjoy!!