Friday, January 20, 2012


Linda Carter: I bet she never had to pick up socks or figure out for the umpteenth time what was for dinner.  
I had a really interesting visit with my nutritionist, Paula, this morning. I've been feeling in a slump, very discouraged by weight, lack of energy, etc. It started me thinking about how I always feel guilty about taking "me" time. Like I'm not worth the effort to get in shape, eat better. I'm worth it.  And how I'm starting to resent PC when he takes a whole day to watch football and I spend the whole day meal planning. Sure, I do my share of knitting, and sitting... and he has been known to cook a meal and run the vacuum, but why on earth do I feel like I need to do it all?

(*note to PC: this is NOT about you, it's about me and perception and stress and pressure. NOT you.)

Anyway. So, I'm hear to say "I'm not Wonder Woman." I cannot do it all. I can't .

  • I can't work 50+ hours per week.
  • I can't be the perfect girlfriend. 
  • I can't be the perfect housekeeper. 
  • I can't be the personal chef. 
  • I can't keep it all together with the bills. 
  • I can't knit 25 baby sweaters b/c I feel stupid giving a gift card. 
  • I can't keep up with the laundry. 
  • I can't find time to head to the gym.
  • I can't find the strength to trust that this lifestyle change will work. 
With help and support, what can I do?
  • I can make an hour each day for me to go to the gym/walk/pilates/spinning class.
  • I can make an hour each day to knit. 
  • I can ask for help with meals and housekeeping.
  • I can stop making excuses for not asking for help.
  • I can find room in the budget for some "help" with the house.
  • I can have 2012 be the year I only knit what I want-- no 'orders'
  • I can have the courage to say "this is me, and only me... I cannot be anyone else."
  • I can insist on sharing responsibilities, both at home and at work.
  • I can make my dietary changes stick.
  • I can make healthy meals for myself and PC. 
  • I can take charge of my life and LIVE!
What can't /can you do?


  1. Diane1:45 PM

    Funny...I was feeling the "exact" same way with what I can't do.......thanks for sharing!

  2. I have learned to ask for help, but not how to insist upon it.

  3. Great list - I love the I CANs. I have a habit of doing the "poor me", which is nonsense. I need to speak up and ask for help when needed.