Sunday, January 01, 2012

New year, resolute.

Day one of 2012 will be a quiet post, as 2011 ended terribly, so we are quietly welcoming the new year, not unlike not wanting to wake a sleeping giant.

What you see here is a new sweater for PC. Navy blue berrocco vintage, us 7 bamboo EZ seamless hybrid.


  1. Sorry 2011 ended terribly for you and wishing you a gentler 2012! You have reminded me that I also have a seamless hybrid for my husband which hasn't been touched in a very long time!

  2. Life is too short to let the annoyances that come our way now and then own our day.....better to just let it go and as you are doing today...enjoy the gentle quiet blessings in spite of the negative energy. I am so sorry last night was a fun. :(