Friday, February 08, 2008

Carolina on my mind....

But not in my future this weekend. Bummer. I was heading down to NC to visit a girlfriend who is getting married this May. But, the little bug that has been keeping me down? Apparently, that bug doesn't like it when I try to eat real food. You know, non-chicken broth food. I am so tired of this bug already! And on top of it all, it's a real pain in the hips! No, really. I have the worst pain in my extreme lower back and hips. Where is this coming from? I am not sleeping differently. Same pillows. Same amount of time on my ass as normal. No working out, but still... working out makes me hurt, not vice versa.

Anywho, the blog is hard up for photos. And proof I have been knitting. So here ya' go:
Yarn: Dorchester Farms yarn (given to me by Mrs. Bookish)
Pattern: Westport Waves... Jeanne Townsend (via her yahoo group)
Needles: US 1, magic loop method
Notes: Knitting with this yarn was horrible. It left a sticky residue on my hands, my needles... it just felt weird. It also tangled like crazy. But, 3 washes with SOAK later, it's soft and manageable and not one iota of felting to be seen.
Yarn: Lucy Neatby's Celestial Sock Yarn: blue
Pattern: toe-up socks
Needles: US1, Susan bates dpns
Notes: LOVE these socks. Making more stockinette socks. Love the yarn. Love the socks.
Yarn: Fearless Fibers, alpaca/wool dk blend, Bountiful harvest colorway, 500yds.
Pattern: Clapotis
Needles: US 8
Notes: yes, I fell onto the bandwagon (2 years later??) and LOVE this pattern. Very cute wrap.
Yarn: Classic Elite Beatrice, 3 skeins
Pattern: Unoriginal Hat (a la yarnharlot) and my own fingerless mitts
Needles: US 9
Notes: added one full repeat to the hat to make up for the slightly thinner yarn. Love the hat and mitts.... I got this yarn in a swap at my guild and knit it up in front of the swapper! She was very happy to see it made into something!!

The hat, mitts, and socks were knit at a weekend retreat that my guild hosts each year. It was amazing. I will totally go back. I am, regrettably, only going to be at SPA one day this year: Saturday. I will be hanging out in the vendor area, trying to fight off people for Woollen Rabbit Sock yarn (love love love Kim) and I think I will try crowd surfing in Amy Boogie's Spunky Eclectic booth (have you seen this booth: pure mayhem).

I got a present from Norma in the mail and I need to photograph it this weekend. :)

thanks for sticking around--- regular blogging will be back:)

:) Mini

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