Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

From our love shack to yours!

A note: our house truly is a love shack. PC and I are very much in love and we have been accused by a friend of "lying about not fighting". I always wondered that about other people's relationships. PC and I seem to have little drama in ours. The bad kind, I mean. We've never broken up, given ultimatums (except this week where PC has threatened to steal my car to go to work if I DON"T GET UP ALREADY), or left hurtful things be said.

So, officially, Saturday is our 5.5 year anniversary. I know... what a thing to remember, huh? We're having dinner at Ariadne and maybe seeing a movie. Or coming home and kickin' the cat off the bed. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day to you... I hope you get whatever snuggles you are looking for.

:) Mini, PC and Pumpkin.

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