Thursday, February 28, 2008

babies, stuffed cats, and gin for my hemlock.

I am working on the Hemlock Ring Blanket for one of the babies-to-be (both Mari and S are due! July and September babies! with moms who love handknits!!).

Edited to Add: One of these babies will be a GIRL!!!!!

I'm stuck.

I am at just into the feather and fan section and I am off by 3 stitches (181 instead of 184). I have the errata (now) and am ready to rip.... anyone else had this problem??

Ripping: I am new to lace-y things and ripping back seems terrifying. It's going to snow tomorrow night... maybe I'll sit at the dining room table with a gin and tonic and rip, rip, rip.

Oh and since the moms-to-be read this blog, leave congratulations and warnings of the complete handknit overload they are about to encounter. :) I have yarn, I am ready to knit. Also, letting me know your favorite newborn-to-toddler pattern would be nice.

SPA: I was there. Next year I am sleeping over again. During the day, I guess most of y'all shopped, b/c the town hall was empty as were the Harakeesett knitting rooms. Hmm.... so, I shopped. :) I did fall down in Amy Boogie's booth--- two skeins of chunky big ball, two skeins of alpaca. I also fell down in Kim's booth--- one skein of Opulence in a midnight blue color for Oh Canada!, the scarf version. Oh and a skein of sock yarn ... and some soap.

Pictures tomorrow. I have two sweaters (for A, my favorite wee one to knit for... these are for growing-into), two kittys (one for A and one for M), a scarf (to keep my tennis buddy warm) and some swatches. Oh, and you may even see the Hemlock Ring blankie.

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