Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SPA for you, SPA for me....

I will be here Saturday ---

for the annual NETA Spin, Knit, SPA weekend.
My friend Andi and I will be starting our adventure at ass o'clock in the morning (I am to supply coffee and awakeness) expecting to arrive around 10am. If you know me, feel free to grab me, hug me, shower me with "hi! how are you's" and so on. I will be knitting, spa-ing, not spinning (does anyone remember the sight of both Cheryl and Mel trying to teach me to spin? It was like watching a frog in a blender.

I have reason to believe that all of this:

will be gone from the state of Maine by the time I arrive. Well, at least there is one saving grace: the Maine highway department is the only highway department that knows how to plow. Seriously, they could make back all their snow-budget by offering classes to nearby states on "how to plow" and "when to plow". (For all of you non-snow living people, "snow budget" is what your town/county/state puts aside for snow removal. It's usually about 70% less than what your town/county/state actually needs. I think people from Florida are in charge of all the budgets in New England. My city ran out of money in December. It wasn't even winter yet.)

Tomorrow, a photo of knitting. Today, a preview of Saturday:

I plan on falling down and losing my wallet in the following locations:
1) The Woolen Rabbit. if only just to give Kim a hug. Oh, that's a lie...I'll probably pick up more sock yarn and some laceweight.
2) Ball and Skein. Um, b/c she shares space with Kim? Once again, a lie. I will be there commandeering more laceweight and potentially a Gust kit.....
3) Spunky Eclectic--- hmm. I would say I am stopping by to see what color Amy's hair is, but once again, a lie. I will be there to spend money (and possibly buy a sheepy mug, if there are any left.)

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