Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why did the computer go to the ER?

Because it had a virus.

Oh, it wasn't the computer. It was Mini. PC and I gave a small dinner party on Saturday night that ended with me on my hands and knees, puking. Panicked, I thought we had given food poisoning to our friends (including a very pregnant Mari). Sunday, PC took me to the NWH ER (wonderful doctor, wonderful nurses) for some rehydration via IV and some anti-puking drugs. Poor PC, up all night with a very sick Mini and then in the ER and back home with only 2 hours until game time?? Then the Pats lost. :(

So, I've been home from work--- eating clear fluids for 3 meals a day. Jello is a treat. A fortuitous phone call from work today confirmed my fear: everyone at work was out yesterday. Each employee that attended our Super Bowl potluck on Friday was sick by Saturday evening. Hmm... too long for food poisoning, but just enough time for norovirus. Ugh. No one else had to go to the ER, but I'm glad I did.... thanks to PC for making me go.

More posting tomorrow... I have knitting photos and all that for you.

:) Mini

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