Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day

My middle name is Mae. I always thought that having my name spelled like that made me special. I thought that I was called by my first and middle names as a child made me special. Later I found out it was to distinguish me from all the other kids with my name. My full first name is long and very traditional (my dad picked it) and my nickname is common and "cutened me up" a bit (so says my mom).

So, until I was about 6 , I thought May 1 was "Katie Mae Day" and not May Day. Hm.

And before I forget: Karen touch Eddie Izzard. She knit him socks and handed to him in person. I would have passed out. Karen's stronger than me.

Happy Maryland Sheep and Wool to all of you--- busting at the seams to hurryupandgetthecarpackedandgetontheroadthereisyarnwaitingtobebought. (yes, I wanted it all one word) :) Think of me--- not buying any yarn and avoiding all those crowds.

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