Monday, May 05, 2008


I have knitting to show. Finished knitting and just-started knitting. Pictures tonight. (I'm not at home).

Weekend of whirls. We took the new car for a whirl. A few of them actually. Friday we found out that my dear friend, S, will be having a BOY in September! S, her hubby and her step-kids are super excited. :) Saturday was all about PC--- specifically, PC needing a suit. We have a wedding in NYC (oh, yeah: Manhattan here we come!) at the end of the month. I am the maid-of-honor, so my outfit is covered, but PC, well.... when you lose 75lbs, you have to buy a new suit. Think navy pin stripes. *me-ow* PC doesn't wear a suit very often, but when he does: hubba hubba!

Saturday night was a wee adventure to Coolidge Corner. Dinner at b.good. Oh how we LOVE b.good. (WW girls: they give you the nutritional info ON THE SIGNS in their restaurants. And you can email Jon and Anthony for any more specific info. PC and I used to have date night at their restaurant on Dartmouth for a long time... ) Then off to the Trader Joe's (they have booze) for wine, beer, tuna-for-cats, and turkey jerky. A quick diversion to Finale for coffee and dessert. Orgasmic chocolate creation --- and I left 1/2 of it on the plate. I guess working out and changing the diet is working. And now we know: next time PC and I will share a dessert there.

Sunday was our friends' son's 1st birthday!( there are photos of his cupcakes here) A jungle theme set the mood... it was nice to chat with good friends and catch up. Watching everyone's kids grow up so fast... makes you realize that time does move quickly. PC and I love kids,but right now, we are very happy to come home to one very happy cat.

Speaking of Pumpkin: tomorrow is her 2 year adopt-iversary. :) 2 years and she's still better entertainment than the tv. Just this morning, she jumped on my lap for pre-work snuggles and tried to drink my tea. And then she bit me.

Photos of a jungle themed backpack and the start of PC's sweater tomorrow.


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