Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 on Tuesday

10 Ways To Have Fun on a Long Car Ride. Huh. Well, since it seems like PC and I only take LONG car rides, we do a lot of the following to keep ourselves entertained:

1. Sing along to the radio.... we prefer Mike 93.7 FM when we're in the car together.
2. Chat. We do a surprising amount of our communication in the car.
3. Knit. I knit on th
e way to Friday night pizza in Attleboro (with my nephew) because of the sheer amount of traffic and the need to drive in the breakdown lane. We take my car, but PC dri
ves b/c I do not drive in the breakdown lane.
4. talk on the phone... i only do this if I'm alone. I use the hands-free and call my mom. Or Sylvie. Or Mariuca. Or PC.
5. Look out the window.
6. Look at maps... we still use maps (no GPS) and it's interesting to see what's around you as you travel down a highway.
7. Get a little lost. We like to get off on an exit and just drive; it's not always about the destination, sometimes it's the journey.
8. Play the lottery game... where I think of what i would do if I won the lottery. (i'm
not the only one who does this, right?)
9. car dance. 'nuff said.
10. ...try to think of something fun to do on the next long ride!

and now, for some knitting...

Herringbone Mitten... for J's girlfriend for Christmas.

A linen stitch cowl: right side..............

......................wrong side.

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  1. The lottery game depresses me! Plus, I don't actually buy lottery tickets so there's not much point in day dreaming. Heh.