Monday, October 04, 2010

Over the weekend, I participated in the MetroWest Yarn Crawl. What a great idea! My friend, Dora, and I headed out to 4 new-to-us shops: Sheep Street (Canton, MA), In the Loop (Norfolk, MA), Dee's Nimble Needles (Walpole, MA), and Iron Horse (Natick, MA). It was a LONG day, but it was nice to see some new shops.

Dee's is right on the town square and has a nice welcoming front. I took home 2 types of sock yarn for my mom's holiday gifts, including a berroco glittery.

In the Loop had to be be nicest shop I've been to in a while. It screamed "come, sit and knit!" 3 separate, clean seating areas with large work tables were spread around the room. One was set right near the pattern books, so you could sit down with a set of pattern binders and really look through them. The staff was so, so friendly!

I saw this gem of a sweater in Sheep Street. Now, shop samples never call my name. Never. *ahem, Dora* but this one did. Sheep Street (forgot to get photo) was a smaller shop, but had great selection. A lot of good basics, a wide variety of color was represented. And they were having a 40% off book sale. Yeah.

Iron Horse was visited after lunch, and I forgot to get a photo. It was a nice shop as well, having recently(?) moved from one location to another. Lots of knitting-adjacent things too, like spinning and weaving. They had a trunk show from a new-to-me design team: Polly Macc. Great ideas in their designs... we came home with 3 patterns.

I'm in Philadelphia this week. With any luck, I'll post again tonight about my mitten-in-progress. No time to hit the yarn shops nearby (boo!) but I think my next trip, I'll maybe arrive a bit earlier.... :)

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