Friday, October 15, 2010

Down in Fraggle Rock!

I am NOT going to Rhinebeck this weekend for a multitude of reasons:
1. I shouldn't be spending $$ like that right now
2. a friend (with whom I was to travel) has been laid off and she asked nicely if we could postpone (umm, yes, been there, done that).
3. the last NE Revolution game is tomorrow night
4. I have ENOUGH yarn for awhile.
5. I haven't knit the yarn from my last trip to Rhinebeck.
So, those of us left behind, let's have a fun weekend anyway! I'll be knitting up a storm and I hope you will too! Leave a comment if you aren't Rhinebeck bound with a link to what you're knitting. :) And if you are going to Rhinebeck... pet a sheep and smooch and alpaca for me!

A Friday funny....

My favorite line? "My cardigan would look silly without lime green stripes!"

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  1. I love that song and that is my favorite line too.