Monday, October 25, 2010

Color Dominance and... doh!

Herringbone Mittens (Elliphantom is the designer), knit with Cascade 220 in two lovely shades of blue. A quick knit (US 6 needles) with easy to memorize pattern. Lovely, right? And a Christmas gift. Even better, right? Because they only need some thumbs?

Enter color dominance and the problem with putting down your colorwork mid-project. Oh, you don't see it?
How about now? I went from holding the light blue in my left hand to my right. But these are going to a non-knitter, right? They'll never notice right? Well, PC did. From across the room. In bad lighting. While only moderately paying me any attention when I nonchalantly said "like the mittens?" hmmm.....

I knit mitten #2 while I decided what to do. ( I know, what was I thinking? I kitchenered and everything, all the while noticing the color dominance switch). I took it to knit night (rip and repeat was the advice). I knit along on mitten #2. I finished mitten #2. And then at 12:10a.m. on Saturday night, I did this:
Which at 12;35 a.m. resulted in this:
So happy together!

Thumbs will go one tonight. and it's one more for the holiday basket. Also, I'll be showing my latest design tomorrow, which is fairly easy and I can share with you a la pdf later this week: a toddler dinosaur hat with fold down ear flaps. :)


  1. I would have done the exact same thing :-D.

  2. Yeah, you were right to fix it. I think color dominance might not be as noticeable in a less linear design but it was pretty obvious in this mittens. They look great now, though!

  3. If they are a gift you do have to rip. I would have done the same thing. They're really cute too.

  4. Oh, I would have done EXACTLY the same thing. They're too nice to let this slip by. And the end result is beautiful!