Wednesday, October 13, 2010

pumpkin t. cat

Hi. Pumpkin here. her and him *finally* left for work this morning and (hee hee) he left up again, so the computer is mine! they've been leaving for work late this week... something about being tired. Tired. They don't know tired. I'm tired. I watch those damn birds all day... it's exhausting. and being neighborhood watch? two jobs takes a lot out of a cat!

anyway, it's been a while since I got to blog. I mentioned it to him last night, then her. She said no, no, no. She wants me to talk about knitting, but i don't know knitting. I know that string and sticks next to the chair. the new chair. my chair. well, it was my chair... then she came home. she leaves a lot now. leaves me with him. He's okay... he lets me sleep on the bed, feeds me ontime and puts my tush-warmy mat on the new chair. but, she. she i miss when he takes her away ( i think she goes to gramma's 'cause that's where i go when i leave the house in the car for more than a sleep). when she comes back, she smells funny. like somewhere else, so i have to rub her to make her smell right again. and then she carries me around. he doesn't understand how much work it is to walk from one room to the other.

She has a bunch of sticks and string in a basket called "pumpkin, no!" next to my new chair. she knits there until i crawl on her lap and tell her no! then i make him play with me and her watch; it's more fun that way.

there's a new kitty in our neighborhood. it's white and black and i don't like him. this morning he stood outside (under the birds!!!) and looked at me. he was mean. he meowed and told me i was a stupid inside cat. it's not true! i have outside! when the window is open, i definitely have outside! but, he said no, i couldn't run outside, so i got mad and i told him he was stupid. and i hissed. but he stayed in the yard. i told her that i wanted him to go away. she told me to ignore him and put me in a new window without him. i hope the squirrels bite him.

well, i've been up for 20 minutes so I need to go sleep. tell her that you like her sticks and string and that you missed her birthday! i didn't. he bought me a card to give to her and then all my grandparents came over and ate pizza and petted me and told me i was pretty. and they gave me a plant! something called a fern. i'm not supposed to eat it, but i like to rub it on my face. it's nice.

*yawn* well... the chair calls.

and don't tell her that i was on here...

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  1. Hello Pumpkin. Picasso the dog here. I know cats and dogs aren't supposed to get along but I'm 12 and beyond that stuff. I am totally with you on the napping. They don't understand how hard it is to give them all the attention they need and still get in those 20 hours of beauty sleep every day. We have a new outdoor cat in our neighborhood too. Watch out, they tend to have bad manners. Enjoy your new chair and stay away from the sticks and sting. It's not worth the effort.