Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Holiday Gift Knitting

As knitters, we've all been there: you have a friend at work or a relative that you really like. And you want to make them something for the holidays. Do you? Don't you?

Well... I think there is a lot to this decision. PC and I discussed it last night: you knit for those who appreciate it:
  • My mom is always on that list.
  • My dad: not so much. He would love a sweater, but that's a lot to get done before Christmas. So, he'll get a February sweater and he'll love it. \
  • My brother R: nope.
  • My brother J: yup. Even though he the afghan I made him over his head as a shawl. I might be rethinking him.
  • My sis-in-law... even when we weren't getting along, she was always a yes. No one goes crazy for a handknit quite like my sis in law. :)
  • PCs' parents: mom (yes), dad (no), sister... maybe. She's a tough one. She lives FAR away (think different continent) and I think she likes her handknits, but who knows, right?
  • My nani: yes. she loves them. LOVES them.
So, while I'm making a lot of gifts for the holidays, not all of them will be handknit. In fact, I have a kind of cool project I'm going to try this Sunday for "couple friends"... it involves ceramic tile and scrapbooking. Yeah-- -it's that cool. :)

On my to-knit-for-holidays-2010 list:

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