Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pfffttt at Dear Prudence

So, this question to Dear Prudence is odd, yes, but Prudie's reply is something else. (on the record, I think it's a bit nuts to knit socks for every member of a pre-school class... finger puppets: yes, small toys: yes... but socks?)

Everyone who has a relative who begs for handknit socks, raise your hand.

Yup. I thought so. I just felt a huge draft of wind as all your hands shot up.  

I'm guessing Prudie is 1) not a good knitter, if one at all and 2) not getting another handknit anything from any knitting friends anytime soon...

Q. Help! Advice on Gift-Giving: I am a knitter who is knitting socks for my son's preschool class. I intend to give these socks as Christmas gifts this year. I am keeping them a secret as I would like them to be surprises. The only one who knows is the teacher as I needed her help getting the kids' feet sizes. My question revolves around the note I am going to include with the socks. Of course it will include washing and drying instructions (cold water and low heat); however, I am stumped about how to ask for the socks back if the kids don't like them, so they can be redistributed. Now, I don't really want the socks back for my own son; I would like the socks to go to someone who'd actually wear them. What would you do in this instance?

A: In this instance, I would stop with the socks and knit a sweater for my own child. While many people enjoy handmade scarves, there's a reason people stopped wearing lumpy, itchy, droopy handmade socks as soon as industrial looms were invented. It's sweet of you to want to make gifts for the entire class, but you're investing way too much time in a gift that won't be appreciated. If you want to do something handmade, maybe you should bake some treats. Or you could offer to come in and do a knitting lesson for the kids. Unless you're making socks they can hang by the fireplace for Christmas, no one wants handmade socks in their Christmas stocking.


  1. Wow! Clearly Prudence is a dumbass.

  2. Please tell me this is some sort of fiction knitting horror story. It can't be real. I will not believe it.

  3. I gave commercially-produced fuzzy socks last year, and was greeted with disappointment that I had not hand-knit them. I'm still not knitting socks this year, but I am knitting the grand-nieces clothes for their Barbies.

  4. Let's all storm her comments section!

  5. Anonymous10:14 PM

    most of the comments for that post of hers were about why she ought not to have gratuitously insulted knitting and apparently there are groups on Rav discussing her faux pas. Always good when muggles discover that knitters are not people to mess with. suesuec

  6. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Sounds like Prudence would be better off keeping her thoughts on hand-knit socks to herself. Bet she has really cold feet!
    I'm glad she's not a member of my family. If she was I would probably disown her! What a jerk!

  7. I would say knitters unite: never knit anything for Prudence or Prudence alike!
    As a knitter I think handmade socks are awesome. Not only they are one of a kind, but I would feel pretty special knowing how much that person had to work to make them...

  8. Here is my response letter to Dear Prudence...