Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Today, I am thankful for:

1. Modern medicine and the Mass General Hospital. We had a scary moment over the weekend with my dad. The doctors at MGH were AMAZING to my dad: he was zipped in, taken care of... my mom was also taken care of and treated well. The doctors, nurses and staff there don't "talk down" to the patients and family. And, Nurse Kristie from the 10th floor of the White Building, took time out of her shift to talk to my mom while my dad was getting tests, had O2 delivered for my mom (to supplement her travel tank) and made sure she was 100% up-to-date on my dad's condition. Dad's home this week and we all know he wouldn't even be alive if the MGH wasn't there 4 years ago.

2. Veterans. My grampy was a vet and he was so proud to have served his country. While it did make him a strict, distant father, he was a wonderful grampy with great stories and a love for strong coffee & peanut butter. I guess if you were in the Navy in the 40s, you ate a lot of peanut butter. Grampy was a cook and thought there was absolutely NO reason for the men (enlisted or officers) to eat bland, boring food, so he often spiced things up, trying new "secret ingredients" to recipes. One of them involves ketchup on a ham: salt was rationed, but ketchup was not... :)

3. My car. This sounds silly but this morning, my car started. My neighbor's did not. I'm thankful that PC & I have the funds to own 2 cars (PC has my old Kia and I have a new Subaru) that start in the morning, every morning.

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  1. A great list. We all have so much to be thankful for.