Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Greetings... or not?

I have a "thing" about holiday cards. I love sending them. It's my tradition to sit down the weekend after Thanksgiving, with  my red & green pens, my list of addresses and the stack of cards. But, in the digital age, it's great to see all the new photo cards, etc that come our way. PC & I don't have kids (unless you count Pumpkin, and we do) so it's fun to see all the kids in their Christmas clothes and such. I'm always amazed at how many people have managed to get their trees up in time for the photo, processing, printing and re-sending. 

But, I have a gripe. I do. And I feel bad about it. The lack of handwritten anything on some of the cards. I know, I'm terrible, right? Last year I received a bunch of (beautiful) computer printed cards (shutterfly, kodak...etc) in envelopes with the "to" and "from" printed off of computer labels. Now. I DO print out our return address labels from the computer. And I see the advantage of downloading the address book into an Avery file and printing them out. I get it... I really do. But, when everything is done on the computer... where's the connection? Where's the "happy holidays!" or other seasonal wish from you to the ones you love? Am I just being a curmudgeon? Am I begrudging those who have small people underfoot and are struggling to just get!!!?? 

I'm a bit old fashioned, I know... I like real trees, strung popcorn (Pumpkin eats it, so we can't do that), hand signed cards and a home cooked meal at the holidays. PC knows I'm hokey like that, my family knows and my friends know. 

So, am I just too far behind on the times  with this one? 

I'm happy in my hokeyness. So, after Thanksgiving has passed and we're well on our way to thinking about snowflakes... bring on the Christmas cards. And, truly, I'm happy to have them no matter what.  Because if you are on my Christmas card list, it's because I truly want to wish you & yours a very special holiday season. 


  1. If you're old-fashioned, I'm right there with you. And since the holidays are a meld between the moment and tradition, I don't see why it's such a big deal to, at the very least, sign your own cards. I especially love it when friends get their little ones to write their names on the cards in crayon. Best cards ever, those!

  2. Right there in the old fashion camp with you. at the very least, signing cards makes me think the thought of me crossed your mind instead of just absent mindedly stuffing cards.

  3. I do get pre-printed cards with pictures of the family and our names and stuff but I always sign them, too. I want people to know I actually TOUCHED the card!

  4. I have four kids and I send out cards with a pic of the kids included. However, I write addresses AND sign with a Merry Christmas and all the peoples names.