Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ten on Tuesday--- w/ the stuff in my car.

My little Subie (Subaru Forester, 2010) isn't the biggest car I've owned. She's not the fastest car I've owned, but she is the favorite car I've owned... and the most expensive. Subie, as her friends call her, came into our lives at a crucial time: my Vue was intermittently dying on while driving and nothing short of a miracle would fix it. A dear friend had at the time: 3 Subarus. She adored them. I test drove one and fell in love. PC drove it to NYC on the curvy Hudson Parkway and fell in love too.

So, what do I keep in the Subie? Right now, she's a bit of a mess.... and desperately needs to be cleaned, but let's see what's in her normally:

1. Snow brush/scraper. I have remote-start, so i rarely have to scrape, but the snow brush is always there... usually in the "way back", near the jack.
2. Manual--- i needed it last night! I never pop the hood on Subie (Mike, the mechanic, does that) and couldn't remember where the hood latch release was!
3. Extra shoes. Right now, it's a 2nd pair of hiking boots, but throughout the year, it's flip flops, sneakers. I hate wet feet and sometimes i can't drive in the shoes i'm wearing.
4. Towel. I don't know why, i always have a towel in the car. Due to my love of all things Douglas Adams? Maybe.. but more likely--- good for wiping off sandy camping feet, and driving off wet feet.
5. Pen. Self-explanatory.
6. Registration.
7. Change. Quarters to be exact. I live in one of the wealthiest towns in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and it costs me $0.25 to park for 15-20 minutes ANYWHERE.
8. Mittens. I have spare mittens from Halloween to Easter.
9. Cell phone charger. Always. Always. Always. I only select cell phones w/ crappy battery life...lol.
10. PC. PC's in my car way more than I'm in his... i'm the driver in the family, grudgingly, so he's often found, in the passenger seat, as the navigator.

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  1. I've read about towels on lots of lists today. Clearly, I'm missing out by not having one in my car. I think we're going to become a 2 Subaru family pretty soon. Yay!