Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Welcome 2013...

  Happy New Year! Yes, it is January 2, but it's still new, right? I am really into resolutions, and overall self-improvement, but I keep my plans grounded in reality. 2012 was not a great year: illness in our families, unemployment in our home, changes to the status quo... But it had some great days, 2012 did. My brother found his soul mate and proposed marriage ( she said yes), I found a new, challenging job that frustrates, satisfies and embraces me and PC has turned a few personal corners himself. I have lived with and dealt with some health issues....and 2013 is really about getting rid of them. 

I break down my resolutions into categories, like health, money, love.... So here is a smattering of craft and more:
1.  Knit more for me. 
2. Quilt, because I enjoy it.
3. Less chat, more listen.
4. Carbs are not your friend, they hurt your body... Learn to live without.
5. Move. Hike. Dance. Ride. Walk. Boogie. Twirl. Stretch. 
6. Learn. Accept new knowledge and absorb from those around you.
7. Teach! Offer to teach a guild month instructional. 
8. Design. Take them from your head to the paper. 
9. Decide. Put yourself and your desires first, because no one else will.
10. Knit down the stash....yarn diet 2013 begins today. 

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