Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The never ever blanket

Not one to normally to knit blankets....actually, scratch that. I have repeatedly said I detest knitting blankets. I would rather quilt than knit a blanket. But, this...this blanket is different. I have had the pattern in my stash, thinking that one lucky babe would merit a hand knit beautiful blanket, and while I love my nieces and nephews, they have all slept under hand made quilts. 

So, why this pattern? I'm not sure. The texture, the lace on a large scale, and potential for amazing stitch definition. Ad the yarn? Been in my stash since 2006. It is 7 years marinating in my stash. I've swatched it twice....never wanted to knit a sweater with it. Ad I have a "sweaters worth" of yarn (10 skeins)... Of beautiful, discontinued Jaeger Shetland Aran. It's a mix of wool and alpaca. Delicious in your hands, excellent stitch definition. 

Modified the pattern ( Baby Chalice) as follows: doubled the stitch count for the pattern, increased to a US 9 needle and knit, knit, knit... I love everything about it. The weight. The scale of the project. The yarn and pattern have married beautifully. 

Marriage. Could this be meant for a wedding gift? For the right couple, at the right time...just like the pattern and yarn? We shall see. 

Oh, and did you notice my new bag?  A Jessalu original. I'm loathe to tell you about her new shop, as then you can shop there too.   And take all the bags.  My new bag ( my fifth or sixth Jessalu bag) is a woodland critter pattern. 

Oh, is how to find her. And, knitting loves its new home.


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  1. I knit that blanket for a special baby - it was a wonderful pattern, nice job!