Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Ten on Tuesday- Goalsetting!

Ten on Tuesday...10 Goals for 2013.

Resolutions? Goals? Pie-in-the-sky dreams? I have them in spades. I do like the approach of this thought: goal setting. I'm forever setting goals, but (and big BUT) if i can create a static page for these... maybe we can cross some off my list.

2013 is the year of Mini...

1. Complete 60% of my MS degree coursework
2. Run one mile w/o stopping. Just 1. 
3. Make yoga and swimming a regular part of my week. Walking- daily. 
4. Eat food that makes me feel good--- remove the starches from my diet. And take my medicine
5. Knit my stash down by knitting 3 sweaters and 3 blankets
6. Knit one hat per month.
7. Track, document and blog my knitting
8. See the waterfall...twice. (it's a waterfall that i've made it w/in 1/2 mile hiking of seeing...)
9. Kayak.
10. Downhill ski again. 

Notice something? No weight loss. If I eat good (for me) food and exercise more, i will lose weight. My goals aren't for skinny jeans, they are for being able to do activities: like skiing and kayaking. I can't at my current weight and that really ticks me off.

Knitting- I love it, but it's owning me right now. I need to knit down the stash and have stronger control.


  1. kayak...that has to go on my list too

  2. Nice job with the list! I started with similar but unwritten goals about 15 months ago with eating better, exercising, fit better into airplane/roller coaster seats, etc. I can say, now 15 months later, I have come so much further than I ever thought I would...down 35 lbs, 2 clothes sizes, being about to run almost a mile but I can hike over 6 miles with no issues, etc. Start slow and just give yourselves small attainable goals and just keep moving them out.

    One thing that was very visual for me was tracking my exercise via Runkeeper. To see how far I've come is so motivating!

  3. You can do it! All of it!

  4. You are so right about the weight loss. Also, I saw two photos of a woman the other day, in both she weighed 150 lbs, but they were before/after paying attention to diet and also training -- muscle weighs more than fat, and all that. She was about my age and it was pretty inspiring.

  5. I love your theory about weight loss. It's so very true. I think I just adopted it!