Monday, October 24, 2005

the best laid plans...

go completely to pot.

*sigh* I love my family, I really do, but right now? Wanna kill them. So, yesterday, while PC was watching football, I sat down with a new ball of yarn, my needles (both Addi and bamboo) and a new book:
Colleen is always referring to it, so are so many knitters. So, I bought it once I figured out the Paton's book is CRAP. *breathe in , breathe out*

So, it's me and my yarn. Re-measured PC. Cast on. Worked 3X1 rib (very nice edge detail for a plain man's sweater)...for about 1.5 inches. Umm... how did I twist my stitches? I am now making a mobius sweater. It'll look cool, but PC must learn some new tricks for keeping arms in this position.


Go home, after pizza, and try to work on re-casting on the sweater.


Oh, dad bought surround sound. Great. For the giant TV and new DVD player that he can't seem to get to work properly before attaching a very complicated multi-component system to it. f5 hours later and one very large bump on the head, it's still not working. And my sweater? Still in my knitting bag in the kitchen.

Tonight, post-nail appointment, I will be locked into position on the couch, casting on 232 stiches in black Cotton Ease. I am not moving for at least 4 hours.

PC is great. He suggested that we go get some pumpkins b/c well, who said Halloween was for kids? Saturday, we headed off to Brooksby Farm in Peabody, MA. Ahh.. sheep, the llama... the emus? The emus were racing around the pen... and I have to say, ugliest animal alive.

Pumpkins in the back of the cupcake (nickname for my car, if you saw it in the snow, you'd know why), apple cider donuts in my belly... we're off. And it's raining. I wanted to head into Pumpkin Fest on the Boston Common! :( So, we check out movie times... nothing we want to see.

PC is great; have I mentioned? He says "scerw the rain" and we head off to an OLD hang out (back to the 1st days of dating here) - the Hub Pub. Ummm... yummy food, Fighting Irish game on several large screens. Then it's off to the Common to see these:

And I got me one of these:
Also, on Saturday, I stopped off by the house to grab something and there was a BIG box for me. For me? Hmm... Secret Pal? Nope, a not so secret pal! Jan sent me a fall-sorry-about-your-secert-pal-present!
It's got two home frangrance things (one cotton, one pumpkin), a candle (pumpkin), a bubbling pumpkin nightlight (LOVE IT!), lollipops, and GODIVA chocolate. Did you hear that? GODIVA. And they have PUMPKIN in them! OMG... too amazing! And, yup, they are GONE, GONE, GONE. :) Thanks Jan, too much goodness!
Oh, and an updated BLING photo; this is what PC bought me for my b-day... all I need is the tiara (he makes me such a princess!):
back off ladies, he's mine!

More knitting photos tomorrow. *sigh*
OH, the OTHER big adventure on Saturday? Umm... 6.5 inches of MY hair were removed from my head by a professional. :) ahhh... easy to blow dry hair. :) (PC likes it, was afraid he wouldn't, but he says I look more like a woman and less like a girl now).

happy knitting monday!

PS- Sandy... no mittens or thrums just yet... soon!

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