Friday, October 21, 2005

Finish what you started!

Arghh... yes, this old "mom" voice keeps rolling through my head.
PC's sweater has been anything but cooperative... I want to kill it. No, it really just requires me to sit and think and work out the maths, and draw a little diagram and break out the fancy schmancy stich marker do-hickeys and get to work! So, while he is peacefully watching football on Sunday (even though the Patriots have a BYE week and the Bucaneers' game isn't broadcast this weekend in Boston), I will be working on his sweater. It needs to be done. Soon. Once I get past the raglan, it'll be cake. (I know this b/c after the raglan, it's useless in the round for 16 inches....I can do that.)

So, in a famous Mini attempt to be distracted by shiny, small projects, I present you this:
1. the finished scarf
2. Dad's sage and white stocking cap.
Dad works on a truck (big truck... an 18 wheeler) and needs warm hats to keep his bald head warm (love you dad!)... so, he requests hats/gloves/neckwarmers for christmas/birthday each year. So, this year, I decided- stylish hat.
NOTE: I am especially proud of this b/c it's my first two-color knitting (yeah, in the round-- i'm that brave) and I kinda taught myself that "knit with both hands thing" that helps in fair isle so much.
3. also, I have 3 balls of Royal Tweed for brother's scarf... I want to do brioche stitch... any help?

PC's sweater... ok, I am working on an imaginary deadline here.
I PROMISE: that the body will be done for pictures on Sunday night (posting on Monday) and that the sleeves will be done by the end of the week.

PROMISE TO ME: if you finish PC's sweater, you get to make thrummed mittens. :)

I leave you with the cartoon that is up in my cube--- it was in the Boston Herald about a week ago:
Edit: An oversight on my part: I "stole" this photo from Colleen b/c my 20+ photo attempts to capture the cartoon on my cubicle were horrendous! My apologies to Colleen, who caught my "blog faux pas"... thanks for the photo!
Happy Knitting Weekend!
PS- will be taking pumpkin pictures this weekend!


  1. Hey, where did you get that photo...

  2. Very Funny!!!! I can imagine this happening in my house at the moment!

  3. Pretty scarf and awesome fair isle knitting!