Friday, October 14, 2005

What the man wants....

The man gets. Kinda.

So, remember PC's sweater? He'd like something "simple but ok for Turkey Day dinner"? After 3 patterns, 3 attempts to make a stylish, simple, elegant sweater for the man of my dreams, I started to believe the MYTH: instead of dumping me, I was going to kill him. All over a sweater. So, finally he mentioned a sweater he liked from LL Bean. Now, you know he was going down if he was going to say "buy this" instead of "make this", right? Turns out, THIS is what PC wants:

In black. In Cotton Ease. It's a raglan. No fluff. No cables. He doesn't like the collar or the cuffs, so he's getting some 2x2 or 3x1 ribbing as the collar and cuff. I am using a generic "top down" raglan pattern from Paton's. And guess what? I am already at the armpits. I started it last night. Dude... 6 straight hours of football on Sunday and I am golden! PC may have his sweater before Halloween! Screw that, he might have it for a dinner out next weekend!

What else am I knitting? Christmas crap. No, really. I am making a red Cashmerino Chunky scarf for a friend, Alice from Magknits for PC's mom (in a bright and dark blue...very shi-shi tone-on-tone, ohh la la), socks for my mom (yep, she's only getting socks, but she's getting 5 pair), fair isle hat for my dad w/earflaps, and a bag for my SIL. For the little ones: Carson's getting a new sweater, Jackie's getting a poncho, Bubba's getting toys, Em, Ian and Aidan are getting toys (they will get sweaters after X-mas). PC... well, we'll see... he reads this so I need to be careful.

Haven't heard from my SP6. I hope this turns out better than the last time. In SP5, I heard from my pal a few times, she sent one book ( a very nice book, FYI) and then... nothing. I thought at least an email would've been nice. Hopefully my SP6 is just busy.

A side note: I am getting a little discouraged, b/c this SP thing worked out last time very much like how occasions work out in general for me. I spoiled my SP rotten. Packages, cards, funny emails... it was fun and now I have a nice friend in Michigan. In "real life", I spend weeks, shopping for the perfect gift, getting the right card, the cute wrapping paper, and then... BAM! I get (sometimes) a card (usually a gift tag or some sort of wrapping paper scrap), with a gift card to a store I don't shop at and it arrives 3 weeks late. In real life, I am used to it. SP5 felt a little discouraging.

Please take this above paragraph as merely a minor rant from Mini. She has a stressful birthday and was "fed up with everyone" and this is merely an extension of it.

SP6: I am sure you are wonderful and I am sure you are just hanging out waiting for the perfect moment to contact me. :)

my new Ecco t-strap mary janes:
1. too adorable for words
2. comfy and stylish in that " i am my own woman" way
3. fit with hand knit socks. Very specifically my SockPal Socks.
Camera batteries died this morning, so no pic,but trust me: dark jeans, orange/red/yellow/purple socks... adorable!

On another note:
KnitPicks... Oh, my. Does anyone have an idea of how the Decadence (100% Alpaca) would look as A Banff sweater?
I am thinking the "tide" color? It's a "cheap" sweater for me to make.... like $50. I have been DYING to make something with Alpaca.
Also, I am itching to purchase the following:
Now, THAT could keep me busy all winter--- mittens anyone?

More updates on Monday...
Happy Knitting Weekend!

PS- one for "workation" photo:


  1. Don't worry - we will get the Secret Pal stuff sorted out.

  2. Mini,
    I understand the SP rant. I don't quite get why others don't put in the same effort into gifts as me! And they don't seem to understand what I like either!

    I am so glad that your new shoes work with the socks!