Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Some more trip photos and well, some knitting content. I have an almost FO to show you (will prob'ly be done tonight --- minus buttons) and some "WIP" to update you on. I am still unpacking. I did all the laundry the first night home (yup, i'm that girl), but it's everywhere. Last night, there was some quality knitting going on, some re-prioritization also of knitting projects. More about that later.

Les Baux de Provence. Or, the road leading up to it. Just another great sight on my whirlwind weekend tour of Southern France in between horrifically boring training sessions. *yawn*
Have I mentioned that I am so not over jet lag yet?

Pont du Gard. An amazing 2000+ year old aqueduct. It's amazing. It's huge. It's breathtaking and awe-inspiring. I used to be only interested in "natural" art and design. (i.e. nothing made by man) but lately, I have been finding large amounts of inspiration in man made structures. Funny, am I growing as a person? Am I gaining a new perspective? Natural art (leaves, trees, landscapes) will always be a first love, But I am starting to see the beauty of a clean line. Speaking of which, these arches caused me to fall even MORE in love with something I saw in Marseilles. In true knitting-geek fashion, I took a picture.

How do I make this? I am LOVING everything about this sweater! I still have the rust silk that would make this go "ooooohhh".

is it short rowed? look at the attachment of the border! oh, FYI: it's 630 Euro, which is ~$815 USD. and it's a wool/acrylic blend. anyone who wants to help me with this one--- i will even pay/trade for design help!

Wanna see what PC gave me for my b-day? It's ONE of my presents... and oh, it's going to keep me busy. It's the kit to MAKE the quilt in this picture! How cool is that? PC rocks!

Happy Knitting Wednesday!

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  1. Welcome back, it looks as you had a great time sightseeing.
    That wrap sweater - fantastic. If you find a a pattern, I'd love a peek!!

    I have no idea where the picture of the sheeps' heads was taking, but it seems slightly surreal!