Thursday, October 20, 2005

I saw the Harlot!

Ok, so here's the "dirt" on the big Willow Books bookbookbookII thing:

1. Stephanie is funnier, more personable and lovable in real life than you could ever imagine.
2. I was a little "star struck" by all the sweaters I recognized.
3. I am amazingly shy for a girl who can talk to a pole.
4. I saw more bloggers that I recognized!

So, about being shy and having stood there like a complete moron and got my book signed, ate my cake and took off like someone had lit me on fire: I am completely terrified of you "real" bloggers. Me, I knit a little, yap a lot, and have been told I make a good friend. Umm, I'm still afraid of you all. People I saw and recognized but was too chicken-shit to approach and say hello (is it b/c I feel like I am STALKING you people? I mean, really... walking up to a complete stranger and saying "hi... i read your blog everyday and I think your sweaters are pretty.."sounds a little like restraining order fodder, doesn't it?)

Anyone else? In case you were wondering, I was the girl in the purple shirt, gray pants, knitting a gray blob of Royal Tweed (Lana Grasso) in the 3rd row on the left side of the room. I had a good seat. I got there early. I did meet a very lovely woman from JP who doesn't have a blog. :(

So, yes, I was there. I laughed, I completely KNEW what Stephanie was talking about when she talked about the insanity of airlines forcibly removing people from their knitting (hello, 4 flights, back and forth to FRANCE... no knitting... hello? I would have 9 pair of socks by now!).

I missed meeting Sandy, but it's b/c I have NO IDEA what she looks like. ( I have been DYING to meet Sandy in real life... she appears to be a witty, intelligent woman who happens to knit the most amazing mittens on the planet... I want to BE Sandy--- ha ha ha.)

So, there you have it. At a wedding this summer for PC's friends, I introduced myself to most of the guests... no problem. I even sucked in my tummy and made nice with his ex. I chatted with everyone! I even helped make us a new "couple friend" (oh, we have "those" now... when did this happen?). But, no.... in a room full of like-minded people, I am chicken-shit (why do I feel like Norma when I say this?).

It's like when I attend conferences for my work (biochem)... I am painfully shy. I feel like a fraud. Even though I KNOW that I am capable, smart and completely BELONG there, I still feel like everyone will know something I don't. PC will probably read this and say "oh, that mini... she really can talk to a wall", but he knows it took me 1 hour of sitting outside the coffeeshop to enter my first SnB.

Unfortunately, this stems from a bigger problem that I have... and it's deep and not to be discussed here... I am working on it. PC helps... he really does. Having someone in your life who thinks you are cute and smart and wonderful is a good thing for a girl's self esteem.

So, someday soon, i WILL walk up to some of these bloggers and say "hi, i'm Kate and I read your blog." The day is coming, watch out bloggers!
:) mini (kate)

PS- I finished the scarf, have a photo, but hate it... will have PC take a better one this weekend.


  1. Look forward to meeting you at the next thing!

  2. I am truly sorry that I missed meeting you! Such nice things you say!
    How's your thrums coming along?

  3. The crazy thing about this is that we ALL feel that way. That's the beauty of it. Say hi!