Monday, October 31, 2005

Who's Spoiled Rotten?

Mini, that's who!

So, my Secret Pal (I am assuming it's you... there was no note, and well, a giftie this COOL doesn't just materialize without a knitter behind it!) sent me a prezzie in the post on Friday night. Here's a re-cap of the conversation (reminder, am living at home with the parents):

Mini: "hi... how was your day?"
Mom: "good... umm, did you order something from England? like yarn or jeans?"
Mini: "jeans? umm.. no. yarn? I don't think so...." *thinks... did I order PC anything?*
Mom: "i had to sign for it... the mailman said it was registered"
Mini: "oh, ok... I'll open it later. I'm picking up PC at the train in a few minutes"
Mom: "ok, it's on the counter."

Flash forward 10 minutes:
PC: "I'm almost to the station, are you still picking me up?"
Mini: "yup, gotta run by the house for a second though"
PC: "for what?"
Mini: "umm... I forgot something"

Yeah, I forgot that there is a MYSTERY PRESENT at my house and I am TOO IMPATIENT to wait a few more hours to open it!

Lookie what i got: (better pictures tomorrow... I forgot the camera with all my great photos at the house this morning ... what a Monday)

This bag is adorable! And it's made in Big Wool, which I have never knit with! And it gave me a reason to buy Size 15 needles :) the yarn is "camoflauge" and the ribbon is "herb". There will be FO pictures REALLY soon.

So, the rest of the weekend? Saturday was a whirlwind. In the morning, I headed off to my LYS... I needed help. With a capital H. Friday night (after being sick all night--- bad mayo on a turkey club...ewww), I swatched *again* for PC's blob... washed it, dried it... and in the morning, it was the WRONG size again. It started out as 5 spi and had grown AFTER washing and drying to 4 spi. So, off to see my friends at the LYS. It was jumping down there! Everyone loved the fabric and could see the problem... so, we looked for something else for yarn. We settled on a 75%acrylic, 25% wool blend that WILL hold gauge. Colleen (a very helpful knitter!) suggested that I try casting on for a smaller size and hope that it "grows proportionally"... I have to agree that I was ready to try this. I suggested this to my LYS pros... and a little voice in the shop said "oh, no... Cotton Ease. I made my son-in-law a sweater with that and it just kept growing and growing", I turn and see a very elderly knitter. A little more conversation and I knew, this was one of those things were I should learn from HER mistakes (she had re-cast on, cast on smaller sizes... even ran it through the sewing machine... it is still too big.). NOTE: if you ever hear a 85 year old woman say "that yarn sucks", it's probably true.

So, a few minor purchases later (and a free "test" skein for PC's blob later), I was off! Off to pick up pumpkin coffee, the world's best muffins and PC. :) We headed off to the Wrentham Village outlets. Yes, on a Saturday... I know, a deathwish. I was in search of something I have been looking for since PC and I started dating: a good wool coat. FOUND ONE! And a Coach bag followed me home... but I have NO idea how it got there... ha ha ha.

Saturday was a day of snow storms and more presents! I arrived home to a VERY large box that I KNOW I didn't order. Hmm... a giftie? Not another SP prezzie? Perplexed, I opened the box and began to cry... this is why I love my friend Anna.

A HUGE box of KnitPicks yarn, Pallette... ALL THE COLORS. :) Yes, besides being the best girlfriend I have ever had , the sister I never had, and the mom of the best people I have ever known (E-age 5, I-age 3, and A-age 18 mos), she's a great shopper! I have to say, Anna... you outdid yourself! This was a birthday gift from her... and oh, the mittens that will be made! Mittens for E, I and A and also Anna. :) Thanks, hon!

A FO made it's appearance last night, but the camera is at home. Pretty soon, I will be just showing FO photos and if you want more info, you can email me... these will be presents and well, my family (brothers and sis-in-law) friends and boyfriend all read the blog, so there will be no "extra" info. I am also attaching tags to them so I know "who gets what", so that will be another bit o' info you may request. :)

Pumpkin carving was also yesterday... PC and I wielded large sharp knives and munched on toasted pumpkin seeds. I will take pictures tonight! It's going to be a great Halloween!

More tomorrow... the clock change thing is still making Mini a little "off", so I will be more coherent (and remember the camera) tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!

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