Monday, October 17, 2005

Why do I even open my mouth?

Seriously, this entire weekend was "open mouth, insert foot."

Example #1:
PC's "easy sweater"... umm, I had to rip back 3 times on the raglan... I am finally at the the same point I was at on Friday. *sigh* Oh well, he'll get it before Halloween. :) There are some seriously confusing directions in this "easy" sweater design... It's one of those "fill in the blanks" sweater patterns; just follow the easy to follow chart of sizes and stitches and you will be great! Umm... no.

Example #2:
A conversation with PC on Saturday night. I don't want to get into it too much here, but it was a case of me having been keeping a secret and finally letting the proverbial cat out of the bag. This is not a nice cat. I tend to keep things from PC that he should know about and I don't know why. Then when I tell him, he gets completely blindsided and has an "a-ha!" moment where my seemingly chaotic behavior for the past month is explained. We are ok (aren't we?) now and we have made some MAJOR decisions.
1. we are looking for an apartment (this is major people)
2. i am trying out this patience thing
3. we are both feeling a LOT of external stress about marriage and children, etc.
4. we are going to have accept things as they come... doctors can be wrong, and (for me, PC's an atheist): there is a Plan. Someone, somewhere has a plan for me.

So, now with all that out of the way, a little note to PC (he reads this):
I love you with all my heart; in a way that I never thought I could love someone. Everything I said to you is true and honest. There is no one in this world I trust more than you; any journey in this lifetime will not be worth it without you.

Yeah, PC's sweater is going ok. I will be back "on task" tonight. (side note, complete PMS this weekend and have been a stressed out, crying, crampy bitch... this doesn't make for a whole lot of patience with confusing instructions)
I started something "easy" last night while vegging out on the couch:
Want the pattern? It's SUPER easy and I got it from my LYS (Sit and Knit). The owner of the LYS showed me the scarf after I was petting some yarn there... I fell in love and well, it's so gorgeous and easy that a few more "holiday scarves" will be made with this pattern.
Yarn: Schaefer yarns
Miss Priss 100% merino wool, 4 oz, 280 yds
Color: Mary Pickford, from the Memorable Women Collection
CO 25 stitches on US8
Row #1: P1 *(yo, P2tog) (repeat from * to the end of row)
Row #2: same as row 1
continue until desired length.

Happy Knitting Monday...
PS- heard from my SP6 (she was, like the rest of us, too busy... thanks for all the emails and advice about SP)
PSS- Sandy: this is the "weekend of thrums"... I'll email progress pics!


  1. Oh my goodness. The stitch pattern really works well with that verigated (varigated?) yarn. I love it!

  2. Did you thrum? Hmm? how did it go?
    Love the scarf! Warm neck for you!